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lerokeras nlasase dolore.

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I hope all of you have some fun summer trips planned.

Right now, it looks like I will be gone May 29-June 3, and July 20-Aug 15.  Check my face book site for updates to schedule at Island Escape Navarre.  Remember don’t lapse in getting a massage.

Get on our schedule before and after so you can maintain your program.  Til our next session ……. Kathi

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After all this rain we have had I know most of you are anxious to go out enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beach we have. That is a great way to decrease your stress and tension.

So is getting a massage or cleansing facial. Another benefit of the massage or getting a facial is that they your therapist or esthetician is in a unique position to help protect you against skin cancer. Many are familiar with the A-E warning signs and as part of your service they might mention a questionable area for you to have a dermatologist look at.

Do you know the warning signs?

A: Asymmetry, does an area have uneven edges;

B: Borders that are irregular in shape;

C: Colors that vary (brown, tan, pink);

D: Diameter greater than 6mm;

E: Elevation. Is it raised;

If you find any of these warning signs, don’t panic. Just make an appointment with a Dermatologist if you, or your Therapist or Esthetician notice any warning signs.

Remember it is most likely nothing but if it is something, you probably want to catch it early enough so as not to not have any serious skin issues.

Have fun in the sun but don’t forget to put a broad spectrum sunscreen on at least 20 minutes before going outside.

Have a Great Summer! Call us when you need us or are in town on Vacation and need some additional pampering!

Have you ever wondered why a massage therapist suggest water after your session?

According to Michele Naumann Carlstrom, licensed massage therapist mentioned on Dr. Oz website, Massages are dehydrating. Kneading and working muscle gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why many people have to pee right after a massage.  You have to replenish all that lost water – by drinking more.

Then there’s the issue of metabolic waste, which is produced by muscles in the course of everyday function. When your muscles are tight or you’ve got a major knot, it constricts circulation in those areas, inhibiting the body’s ability to flush out this waste. And, since tight muscles are probably what prompted you to make a massage appointment in the first place, chances are you’ve got some compromised circulation happening. Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing nitrogenous metabolic waste to dump into the system. Drinking provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste. So, once again, it comes back to pee.

Below is a link to core performance that includes more information on hydration basics.  So next time your therapist asks if you’d like some water following your session, you’ll understand why it is so important to rehydrate.


I came across an interesting article today that informed me of another reason why I need to start exercising again.  I have attached the link to Dr. Mercola if you are interested in reading the entire article.  Most of us know the health reasons of strengthening your muscles, improving your lung capacity, and releasing those feel good endorphins.  What I didn’t know is that exercise affects the skin and how interval training is the most beneficial for the skin.  Not only does exercise tone your skin, it also tones your muscles.  I also was surprised to see  that excessive cardio training has a negative effect on the skin.

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